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Jaime I. Ayala

Jim Ayala has worked on economic development issues in emerging markets for thirty-five years in his various roles as social entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer of a publicly listed company, management consultant, and board member of a number of NGO organizations. He believes that business and investment capital have an essential role to play in solving urgent social problems by working with other stakeholders to commercialize social innovations at the base of the economic pyramid. Through Hybrid Social Solutions Inc (a social business) and Stiftung Solarenergie Philippines (an NGO), Jim is currently building a grid-less Hybrid Solar Network across the Philipines to address the energy poverty preventing over 20 million Filipinos from improving their lives.

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Hybrid Social Solutions (HSSi)
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For-profit Social Enterprise
Sustainable Development; Social Innovation; Electricity
Areas of Impact
ASEAN, Philippines

Hybrid Social Solutions (HSSi)

Founded in 2010, Hybrid Social Solutions (HSSi) is a social enterprise that provides rural, off-grid communities and underserved remote on-grid communities in the Philippines with sustainable access to high-quality, affordable solar technologies aimed at spurring basic economic development. Because of the difficulties that electric utilities have in reaching communities scattered across the country's 7,107 islands, energy poverty is a major challenge in the Philippines. HSSi estimates that over 20 million Filipinos live off the electricity grid, with millions more enduring frequent power outages. Without access to electricity, daily life is difficult, and communities cannot develop economically and escape from poverty.

Though unreachable by the electricity grid, these communities, can enjoy the benefits of lighting and electricity through standalone solar technologies, such as solar lamps and solar home systems, which can power a range of useful appliances (e.g., cell phones, fans, TVs, etc.) , livelihood tools (e.g., fishing lights, irrigation pumps, etc.), and community facilities (medical equipment in clinics, learning devices in schools, etc.).

Its vision is to reduce inequity and poverty and spur development by enabling all remote communities in the Philippines and beyond to access essential development-oriented goods and services that fit their specific needs. It closes last-mile access gaps by building hybrid value chains with like-minded community partners to provide innovative, suitable, and high-quality products at affordable and fair payment terms. It ensures sustainable benefits through customer training and service that go the extra mile. HSSi is focused on empowering rural end-users and aiding rural development in four specific areas: improving quality of life and well-being at home; enhancing livelihoods (typically farming, fishing, vending/retailing, handicrafts); strengthening the delivery of basic social services, particularly education (through public schools), healthcare (through barangay birthing centres), and community governance (through people's organizations); enabling more rapid and effective emergency response in partnership with emergency responders and rehabilitation workers.


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