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Masue Katayama

Masue Katayama is the Founder of Social Welfare Corporation Shinko Fukushikai. Established in 1999, Shinko Fukushikai is a non-profit organization providing childcare, elderly care, disability aid and community services located throughout Japan. Masue developed a sensitive approach to changing attitudes and values about nursing care and created the “Shinkokai Model” later adopted by others becoming the welfare industry standard. For her achievements, Masue has been recognized and awarded on a global scale as an Ashoka Fellow and Schwab Entrepreneur.

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Social Welfare Corporation Shinko Fukushikai
For-profit Social Enterprise
Ageing and Longevity
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Japan, Japan

Social Welfare Corporation Shinko Fukushikai

Shinko Fukushikai was founded as a social welfare corporation – a special legal form regulated and supported financially by the government to extend welfare services. It is a non-profit organization headquartered in Yokohama providing childcare, elderly care, disability aid, and community services at facilities and service centres throughout Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. Its philosophy is to offer many good things to the elderly, to future generations, and to local communities.

It supports the first stage and the last stage of customers' lives by offering them elderly care and childcare services. Its goal is to become a professional group that delivers happiness to its customers. Shinko Fukushikai operates 40 elderly care, 11 childcare and 3 disability aid businesses and has more than 1,100 staff members. The operations are financially sustainable, with 35% of its revenues coming from its clients and the remainder from government subsidies.


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