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Sameh Ghaly

Sameh Seif has been working in the development field, development projects, and infrastructure since 1990 (32 years), he has been involved in development work with local, regional, and international organizations and companies in various fields, environmental and infrastructure projects, and projects to raise the capabilities of local councils during these years. Also, on building the capacities of local communities and the importance of community engagement in supporting and implementing development and national projects within their regions, he also received several fellowships worldwide.
Worked in several companies specialized in the field of infrastructure (related to water and sanitation)

Sameh established the Together Association for Development and Environment (TADE), an association that develops low-cost community-based projects for rural areas. Dealing with the prevalent problem of the lack of sustainable energy in the region, TADE is currently focusing on a project that implements biogas plants.

He is Ashoka Fellow, Synergos Fellow, Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the year in 2010, Founder of Together Association for Development and Environment, and partner in Social Impact and Entrepreneurship Consultants (SIEC – Siemens Foundation – Germany ).

Team Leader of The Citizen Engagement (Senior Export) in The Project Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Program (SRSSP), Arab Republic of Egypt, Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities CT – Fund from World Bank (2016 until now ) with the MOTT MACDONALD , Improved Water and Wastewater Services Programme IWSP 2 – Egypt Consulting Services for the Technical Assistance, Design and Engineering Consultants (TADECs) - MOTT MACDONALD Company , Citizen Engagement Export Fayoum Wastewater Expansion Program – Project Implementation Support and Contract Supervision Fund from ERBD ( 2020 – 2022 ) with Stantec Company
He also a renowned consultant for various international agencies including the USAID, GIZ, and others, and has worked with the Egyptian government in various national development and infrastructure projects. He has extensive experience in the field of community development through significant positions at CEOSS, Catholic Relief Services CRS , UNICEF, and the National Council of Women. Sameh is from El Minia, and he is the pioneer of low-cost sewage systems installed across Upper Egypt Based on community participation and designed a sustainable community management system for service projects based on community management in all activity.

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Together Association for Development and Environment

The Together Association designs and installs low-cost community sewage and water treatment systems, providing potable water in homes and water for irrigation. The village-wide sewage system connects household septic tanks by gravity-fed pipes to a communal filtering facility, where appointed and trained community technicians oversee maintenance and quality control. The Together Association sewage system model is built and maintained with locally available materials and labour, making it 70-75% cheaper than government-issued systems.

The association actively involves the communities in the initial planning stages and turns over maintenance to locally based organizations, which conduct the necessary maintenance and upkeep. While traditional sewage systems often require a $10 per month fee from each family, this model requires only a $2 per month fee.

A crucial part of the community ownership and accountability process is the provision of low-interest loans, which enable families to pay the up-front connection fee of $350 to join the sewage grid (including piping, construction, sinks, toilets, etc.). Villagers, in conjunction with association staff, do all of the initial construction work. After the installation process, the Together Association continues its work of strengthening local organizations to facilitate the loan repayment and monthly fee collection process.

To date four villages in Upper Egypt have been connected to the Together Association sewage systems, with a total of 37,000 direct beneficiaries who now receive proper in-home sanitation services and who have saved average of $96 per year. Villages have reported dramatic reductions in disease infection rates, especially among children. Together with the EFG Hermes Foundation, a key partner, and Vodafone, the World Bank and others, the Together Association also provides diverse value-added community development programmes in villages it serves, including employment and handicrafts training.


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