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Sooinn Lee

Sooinn is the co-founder and CEO of Enuma Inc., a educational technology company changing the paradigm of basic education through digital learning. By pioneering innovative approaches to her design, Sooinn has developed many highly acclaimed applications that engage the wide range of young learners around the world, including those with special needs, in independent and effective learning.

Most notably, in 2019, Kitkit School, developed under Sooinn’s leadership, was announced a co-winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE competition, which challenged teams globally to develop a solution that could teach children in remote villages of Tanzania to read, write and do math independently. Sooinn also led the development of Enuma’s Todo series applications with over 8 million downloads, and also designed Project Injini for young learners with special needs. Sooinn aspires to bring the most innovative and effective digital solutions to children worldwide and continues to develop Enuma as a vehicle to showcase how digital tools can be used, and must be used, to achieve quality education for all.

Born in Korea, Sooinn lives in Berkeley, California with her family. In 2017, Sooinn was named an Ashoka Fellow.

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Enuma is a mission-driven company that empowers all learners, including those with special needs, to be independent learners. The team is dedicated to developing the highest quality learning applications to reach all children, whether through consumer purchases or strategic partnerships to support universal access. What distinguishes Enuma’s products is its unique approach to design, which combines universal design for learning principles, best practices in commercial game design, and educational research. Enuma’s flagship product, Todo Math, has ranked #1 in the App Store in 20+ countries and is used in 6,000+ classrooms in the US. Recently, Todo English was launched in Korea. Complementing its Todo Series, Enuma also develops products to support universal access and learning for all children, regardless of family background, location or learning needs. Enuma’s Kitkit School co-won the Global Learning XPRIZE in 2019, demonstrating the software’s ability to support independent learning for children in low-resourced areas. Over the past year, Kitkit School was used by children in East Africa, South Asia, and Korea, and was named a 2020 winner of the United Nations’ STI Forum Call for Innovations that advance the SDGs. With recent Series-B round financing and grant funded projects, Enuma is poised to grow and broaden its impact: both in the quality of products it creates, and its reach to diverse learners globally.


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